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Why College Time is Perfect to become an Entrepreneur

The Inspirational figures of our times have a distinguished common trait. They believed in creating a job rather than looking for one.

They started business whilst in college and now they have climbed up to the peak of their life in various fields. Here are the reasons why your college years are the perfect time to start a business.



Minimal Responsibilities

College (and immediately after college) is normally a lower-risk time to try new things.

Thats not true for everyone, of course, but it is true for most people, especially when compared to later in life when you will have other financial and personal obligations and responsibilities.



Access to Knowledge

Colleges have lots of courses on things you may need to launch, run and grow your business. If you are in the engineering or technology school, check out courses in the business school.

If you have a product idea, you ought to see if there are any courses in basic product design that could help. You get the idea. Go outside your area of study and take advantage of the resources on campus. Steve Jobs did.



Access to Networking opportunities

Colleges provide great networking opportunities, with easy access to plenty of smart people (faculty, researchers and students) who you can meet, learn from and involve in your new venture. College is a great place to find a co-founder, technical leader; advisory board member and possibly rich alum who can help fund your business.



Youthful Passion

The typical college student also has plenty of time ahead of him or herself. This has benefits in the case of success as well as failure. If you build a successful business, you will have plenty of time to expand it and leverage your resources and knowledge to build other successful businesses. On the other hand, in the event that your business flops, you have plenty of time to try again. You will only be smarter the next time. You have got time to rethink everything!


Identifying new Business Opportunities

The college campus is a place where you research and learn about the past, but you are squarely focused on the future. In this way, a college campus is basically an incubator for business ideas, the home of the aha moment. And while you are in this environment, do as Aaron Levie, CEO and co-founder of advised in Launching from the Dorm Room: Do something that was not possible earlier. Identify your own low-cost startup, you could be an ideal candidate for starting your own business. Students are powerful in their own right. They are productive thinkers with strong opinions who can achieve great lengths. Despite what the crowd says you can change yourself a great business leader and entrepreneur. In fact, many successful business leaders have innovated themselves which includes Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett too.

Abundant, Inexpensive Labour

College students are known to be hard-strapped for cash. If you are looking to hire inexpensive, decently skilled labor, college campuses are a great source. And if you are attending the college you will know exactly where to advertise for your desired skill sets. Working smart, staying focused, and sticking to a plan is something that needs to be re-emphasized in educational systems over and over. The perception that having a college degree or getting education is the Key to success is NOT true. But it is the application of the things you learn in college plus smart hustle with diligence is the key to amazing success.

Entrepreneurs in our campus

Ram Sharma, Aakash Verma and Imran Mohammed Khan were awarded Young Entrepreneur Award for starting a venture while in college by National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) in E-Week 2013, Regional Grand Finale.

Famous Ventures That Were Started In College Life

Spectacular Jobs, better known as Steve Jobs, began his work in a family garage and feathered his craft to one of the most remarkable business stories the world has witnessed. The Mac, the iPod, the iPhone, he has shaped the landscape of modern technology.

He opened the Gates for home computer operating system and ushered his way to being one of the wealthiest for a decade. Bill Gates business insight gave every intellectual household a yearning for Windows; and Microsoft, a covetable organization to work for. "I never topped in the university, but today toppers of best universities are my employees..."

What an Avatar! His voyage from being a student to a truck driver, to winning several Academy awards has been Titanic. To call James Cameron a brilliant director would be an understatement of his achievements. He has glorified film making and his feat will be unsurpassable for time to come.

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, rose by his own genius to being the highest earner through 400 companies. He embarked on a business voyage at age 16. He is a man of adventure, a keen observer with incisive business knowledge and readiness to conquer empires!

Michael Dell, the master strategist, revolutionized direct selling.

Direct from Dell became the catch phrase. Dell inc. is currently Americas fifth biggest technology company in revenue. The storied techie chartered a new course and surged ahead with the power to do more. 

What is common among all these illustrious stalwarts?
A management degree from a reputed business school?
A graduation from an engineering college?

Time for a rethink! Worlds most famous techies - like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jerry Yang and Michael Dell -- are indeed geniuses, but perhaps not so-much academically. A commonality is that they all started thinking of entrepreneurship while studying in college. 

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