Allied Sciences and Communicative English  Department

Dr. Naresh Chandnani
Associate Professor, HOD Maths

Dr. Naresh Chandnani completed his research work in Lyra Geometry (which is an alternate theory in Relativity) at University of Rajasthan and Inter University Center of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune. He is currently working on String Cosmological Models in Lyra Geometry. He has been a participant of Mathematics Training and Talent Search Program-2002 (Supported by National Board for Higher Mathematics) at IIT Mumbai.He has to his credit 14 research papers - 9 in international journals and 5 in national journals. In his 9+ years of dynamic academic experience, he has taught Complex Analysis, Dynamics, Differential Equations, Algebra, and Calculus at BSc level. He also teaches Engineering Mathematics I, II, III, and IV, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Random Variable and Stochastic Processes, Numerical Methods and Applied Statistics to engineering students. He has authored text books related to Engineering Mathematics useful for Degree as well as Engineering Diploma students. Besides, he holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA).He is mentor of Media Relations Committee as well as Entrepreneurship Cell (E_Lan) supported by National Entrepreneurship Network. 

Ms.Monica Singh
Assistant Professor

Monica Singh did Masters in Arts. Her research interest involves English, HSS. She teaches English, HSS. She is a key member in cultural spectrum of the institute.

Mr. Ravi Kumar Jangir
Assistant Professor

Mr.Ravi Kumar Jangir did Masters in Physics. His research interest involves Microphysics Quantum Mechanics. He teaches Physics. He has academic experience of 3+ years.