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Engineering is not just science. Science is about discovering the natural. Engineering is creating the artificial. It transforms scientific discoveries into technological solutions for the benefit of humanity. Everything that we rely on for work, life and play has been touched by engineering.

From designing artificial retinas, to self-powered electronics; the men and women of Engineering are making subtle improvements in our lives and shaping our future.


World is never the same when engineers look at it

When you see a surgeon extending an opened palm and a nurse placing an instrument on it, think of Industrial Engineering. Doctors used to waste much time searching for the right tool, while the patient bled.This delay was taking a toll of human lives. An Efficiency Study of Medical Operations was done by Industrial Engineers Frank Gilbert and Frederick Taylor.

Charles Goodyear, inventor of vulcanized rubber, wanted to make everything of rubber; banknotes, musical instruments, flags, jewelry, ship sails, even ship themselves. He had his portrait painted on rubber, his calling cards engraved on it, his autobiography printed on it. He wore rubber hats, vests, and ties. Neither Goodyear nor his family was ever connected with the company named in his honor, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.

Ever tried to figure out how fast computer technology is changing! Moores Lawpredicts that the number of transistors industry places on a computer chip will double every year (later updated to doubling every 18 months). The creator of Moores Law, Gordon E. Moore, cofounded Intel Corporationin 1968 which is one of the worlds leading innovators and suppliers of microprocessors and computer chips.

In the 1800s, golfers noticed that a scuffed ball went farther than a smooth new ball. In the late 1800s golfers began intentionally cutting patterns into their golf balls. It wasnt until the 1930s that dimples were recognized as the best surface for a golf ball. Aerospace engineers now design dimple patterns using computers.

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