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Art Arena

Our little world is full of artists, writers, dancers and amateur photographers, who study engineering too! Let's peep into their creative ways and know what inspires them.

"Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life..."

It has always been a medium of reflecting the insight of the one who created it. We all are aware that the sea is never crossed merely by standing and staring at water, in same way, the emotions of an artist are are difficult to be fathomed.
It's always the perspective that creates masterpiece and not what we observe. Apparently it won't be wrong to mention that the seed of next art work lies embedded on the imperfection of current piece, as painting are never completed; you only stop working on it for a while.

- Bhanuja Sharma (ECE, VIII Semester)

Photography is an art of observation...

It's about finding... a sea of endless imaginations. The moment captured is a slice of time and space which later remind us of some stories... For me its an illusion of reality with which i create my own world, a world in which I have nothing to worry, nothing to explain and nothing to prove. It's just me, my camera and a sea of endless imaginations.

- Jyotiksha Sen Gupta (ECE, VI Semester)

Dancing sets me free...

Whenever I dance, the only thing that pops up in my mind is that no one around, and then I dance like I am dancing for the last time in my life. Well... as oxygen is important for every human to live, dance is important to me as it strengthens my soul and boost me to live life king style.

Achievements: Won Miss Fresher Title (2009), Street dance (III Position, JEC), Street dance
(I Position, MNIT), Won Western Dance Style (JEC Nite, 2012).

- Anjali D'cruz (EE, VIII Semester)
Jaipur Institute of Engineering and Technology (REAP Code: 79)

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