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IJAST - International Journal of Applied Sciences & Technology

Quality in higher education has several aspects and many dimensions; research and innovation being major ones. Today most important need of the hour is to focus on quality of higher education with special reference to research in Engineering and Technology. A comprehensive research paper is a successful destination for any genuine research effort and its publication in a good journal or presentation on a recognized forum is a happy outcome.

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Volume II, No.2, July.-Aug., 2014

Volume II, No.3, May.- June., 2014

Volume I, No.1, Sep.-Oct., 2013

International Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology (IJAST) is a very vibrant forum for print and presentation, committed to encourage and support research.

This issue of IJAST is a mixed bag of papers covering a wide range- from research work in applied science and complex issues in engineering and technology. However, the common thread which binds them together is sincere effort of the authors and dedicated team of peer reviewers and editorial teams.

Meaningful and continued research can provide tools, techniques and solution to complex issues arising in and around us. The research papers from all areas of applied science, engineering and technology are welcome. Our journal will also spotlight on supporting systems in any field of engineering, science and management. So put up your thinking cap on and devote some time towards research and turn forthcoming long spell of festive season into research season too.

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